Dashboards – Graduation and Success

Funding from a USA Funds grant has facilitated the creation of an integrated warehouse of student, human resources, and financial data to be used for strategic decision making. The warehouse is built using SAS Analytics software, enabling better data visualization through dashboards. The dashboards are being developed by the Institutional Research and Analysis Office (IRAO).

Graduation and Success

The retention, graduation and success dashboard allows the user to select gender, ethnicity, major and other characteristics and look at the success of the particular group. To protect student identities, data for groups of less than five students are not shown. Click on the image below to access the dashboard.

Two dashboards are available: (1) graduation and retention rates; and (2) success rates (graduation plus transfer rates)

Definitions of terms can be found by clicking on the Information Panel icon and hovering over the term.

link to dashboard tool
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