Enrollment Management

Systemwide Enrollment Management Action Plan, 2017-21

Since fall 2016, a systemwide enrollment management committee has been working on an action plan intended to strategically manage the enrollment cycle across the UH system. The goals of the plan are to align resources and opportunities, increase numbers of target populations (e.g., Native Hawaiians, Pell, graduate and non-resident students, returning adults), provide opportunities to align fiscal planning with enrollment and retention, and to use technology and innovation (e.g., predictive analytics) for planning and decision making. The plan also outlines the role of the UH System Office and campus/unit roles and establishes enrollment targets and strategies. The strategies will be annually monitored and adjusted, as needed.

Update on Systemwide Enrollment Management presented to the Board of Regents, March 2018. (.pdf)

Update on Systemwide Enrollment Management, March 2018

Progress report on the development of the action plan presented in March 2017 to the Board of Regents’ Academic and Student Affairs Committee meeting. (.pdf)

Enrollment Management Plan update presentation to BOR

Transformational Enrollment Management (TEM)

In Spring 2017, the UH System Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy office convened an ad hoc team to review the successful enrollment management strategies implemented by Georgia State University.

Composed of vice chancellors for academic affairs, vice chancellors for student affairs, financial aid director, student success director, institutional research director, former P-20 director, chancellor representative, the team identified four areas of need: financial aid work study, retention grants, summer academies, and academic program redesign.

Scope of Work:

  1. review enrollment management strategies implemented at Georgia State
  2. research national and local activities and success data
  3. create final report with recommended strategies
  4. send report to the UHCC and UH system enrollment management committees

January 2017 initial meeting to confirm purpose and plan of action
March/April 2017 send recommendations to UH system enrollment management team

TEM documents:

In addition, within the executive summary, there are links that provide additional details on the enrollment management strategies.

Tim Renick Visit

In December 2016, Dr. Tim Renick, Vice Provost and Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success, conducted a series of presentations for faculty, staff, and administrators on the award-winning enrollment management strategies implemented by Georgia State University (GSU). Using the strategies of GSU as the basis for discussion, the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges System Office convened a systemwide ad hoc team to assess the enrollment management needs of our ten campuses.