Honolulu Community College Work Plans

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UH campus and system teams were asked to identify large scale/high impact strategies, develop tactics necessary to implement the strategies, and prioritize next steps. Teams are currently moving forward on implementing their plans.


June 2015 Campus Annual Report

December 2013
  • Created a Retention Office that falls under the Student Success Center in Academic Affairs. Office contacted all students that did not enroll the following semester and it showed positive results.
  • Number of students identified through their Early Alert system doubled.
  • Revamping tutoring services (pilot in Spring 2014) to embed tutoring in the courses.
  • Continuing with COMPASS brush up workshops.
  • Looking at possible student cohort group projects.
  • Bringing back redesigned Study Skills Workshops that will be open to all students (previously students had to register for a course).
June 2013
  • Focusing on increasing the students’ initial experience (hired outreach coordinator, retention specialist, etc.).
  • Implemented mandatory new student orientation.
  • For students placing in developmental courses, they are now required to take them in their first year.
  • Accelerating developmental courses (combining ENG 22 and 100 to a four credit ENG 100 course) and implementing Stat-way.
  • Developing new technical math courses for AAS programs.
Jan. 2013
  • Hosted Donna Linderman who met with HGI team and other groups on campus, and with the general campus at an open presentation.
  • Looking at the possibility of testing a “block” schedule based on Ms. Linderman’s CUNY model that would be based on a cohort model that incorporates “intrusive” advising/counseling
  • Advertising two retention positions (one faculty and one APT).
  • Designated a student success coordinator who will develop the retention office (with positions above) and build this into a larger student success initiative, which includes an early alert process that is currently live and available to faculty.
  • Testing an embedded developmental education course in one section of English 100.
Oct. 2012 Summit II, Oct. 2012 (.pdf)