Windward Community College Work Plans

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UH campus and system teams were asked to identify large scale/high impact strategies, develop tactics necessary to implement the strategies, and prioritize next steps. Teams are currently moving forward on implementing their plans.


June 2015 Campus Annual Report

December 2013
  • Faculty Senate mandated cohorts for first-time freshmen who place in developmental courses (initially a pilot, but brought to scale).
  • Math bridge program focuses on adult learners and first-time freshmen has a 93% success rate with tutors. Need to determine how to institutionalize given the expenses associated with additional tutors.
  • Castle Foundation is supporting a program similar to Kaua‘i’s Wai‘ale‘ale project.
June 2013
  • Started learning communities for fall 2013.
  • Created a set night schedule to support part-time evening students.
  • Launched the Paipai o Koʻolau initiative this fall, with funding support from the Castle Foundation, to support a cohort of students who may have been unlikely to attend college from the application process through their first two years of college.
Jan. 2013 Planning cohort scheduling for 300 or so incoming HS graduates next fall. Cohorts will consist of 6-7 in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening, and will include 4 classes: intro to college, the appropriate math and English classes, and a discipline class (science, psych, history, art, Hawaiian Studies etc.).

Two associated issues:

  • can we extend at least some of the cohort into spring (we do an annual schedule)
  • can we move the students in 12 credits to 15?
Oct. 2012 Summit II, Oct. 2012 (.pdf)