UH West Oʻahu Work Plan

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UH campus and system teams were asked to identify large scale/high impact strategies, develop tactics necessary to implement the strategies, and prioritize next steps. Teams are currently moving forward on implementing their plans.


June 2015 Campus Annual Report

March 2015 EDI Consultant Outputs

March 2015 EDI Consultation

December 2013 Work Plan Update

  • Implementing GradesFirst, an early warning alert system, with 16 faculty for Spring 2014.
  • Implemented standing meetings with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs leadership every 2-3 weeks to discuss campus issues (e.g., lack of student engagement) and explore solutions.
  • Developing math and English courses with supplemental instruction and tutoring.
  • Retention committee actively gathering data and launched a Leavers Survey in November to get a better understanding of why students are leaving UHWO.
October 2013 EDI Consultation

June 2013 Work Plan Update

  • Offering block scheduling for freshmen
  • Implementing Grades First as an intrusive advising system for freshmen (plan to implement for fall 2013)
  • Working on completing academic maps (two divisions have already completed them)
June 2013 EDI Consultation


“Delivery 101” Handouts

Feb. 2013 Student Success Workshop Follow Up

Jan. 2013 Abele/Navia Consultation Visit

Student Success Workshop, Jan 30,2013

Academic Maps

Campus Data

Oct. 2012 Summit II (pdf)