College Council

The College Council is a college-wide organization with representatives from all major campus constituencies.  The College Council serves as the Chancellor’s forum to facilitate dialogue on college-wide issues; and advises the Chancellor on issues that affect the entire College and that are not exculsively governed by another body, such as the Academic Senate, ASUH-HawCC, etc.

Chair 2014-15: Grace Funai,, 934-2509

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Long Range Development Plan – Komohana Campus

Last week Chancellor Yamane, along with the developers for the proposed Komohana Campus, shared with the HawCC Faculty/Staff and local community members the proposed plans for a new campus to be located off of Komohana St.  Although there are still a lot of unknowns about the proposed campus (how much will it cost, when will it be built, what timeframe are we looking at for full development, etc.), the process by which the plans were developed, along with a look at the final outcomes are now available for everyone to see.  So exciting!

The developers will work through the end of the year to finalize all the details of the new campus before proposing this plan to the Board of Regents.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that all moves smoothly along.  The future of HawCC is looking bright and shiny at our new campus!

Community Meeting 4 Mar 2015-final

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UH System Strategic Plan Announced

The UH System Strategic Plan is now posted online at:

Our Admin team will be meeting over the summer to discuss HawCC’s  goals and strategies in alignment with this new plan.  Sessions in the Fall will be planned to dialogue about the HawCC 2015-2021 Strategic Plan with our kauhale.

Happy reading!

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Congrats to HawCC!!

In a recent letter received by the College, the ACCJC has indicated that we have addressed all of the concerns (except one that is still lingering throughout the UH system) through our follow-up report on accreditation.  Congrats everyone, for a JOB WELL DONE!  We should be celebrating this accomplishment and thank each of you for your great effort and diligence in achieving this goal!

To see a copy of the letter:  ACCJC Follow-Up Ltr 2-6-15

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College Hour Schedule 2015-16

At today’s College Council meeting, the College Hour schedule for 2015-16 was approved.  To view the schedule:

College Hour 2015-16


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Looking for volunteers!

Are you interested in getting involved?  We’re looking for volunteers to assist with the planning of the upcoming HawCC 75th Anniversary Celebration and planning for the End of the Year Breakfast! If you’re interesting in lending your time and skills, please contact Grace Funai at  Mahalo!

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The First College Council Mtg

Welcome to the 2014-15 Academic Year!  The first College Council meeting will be held at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 29th in Conf Room 6A (Hilo)/Conf Room B5 (WH).  Everyone is welcome to attend!

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2013-2014 College Council Chair

Congratulations to Instructor Manai Kalua elected as College Council Chair for 2013-2014.

Manai Kalua with Chancellor Yamane

Manai Kalua with Chancellor Yamane

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No Pet Policy

The Council has recommended that we adopt a No Pet Policy, which states no pets except service animals are allowed on campus.  This policy was unanimously recommended on May 3, 2013.

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Assessment Committee

The Council has approved the Assessment Committee as a permanent standing committee on May 3, 2013.  The purpose of the Assessment Committee is to advance student learning through activities, experiences and results discovered through the assessment process.

For more information on the Assessment Committee, please see page 16 of the Committee Handbook at .

If you would like to be involved in the Committee, please contact VCAA Joni Onishi at x2514 or

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Amendments to the College Council Charter

The Council finalized amendments to the Charter on April 12, 2013. 

  • The terms of membership for representatives has changed from one-year to two-years.  
  • The Chair will continue to receive three credits of reassign time with the exception for employees in bargaining units HGEA 03 and UPW due to their contracts. 
  • The Assessment Coordinator has been added as a new member to Council.

Read the complete Charter at

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