Membership Roster 2015-16

Position Name
1 Chancellor Noreen Yamane
2 Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Joni Onishi
3 Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jason Cifra
4 Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Jim Yoshida
5 Director of the Office of Continuing Education & Training Debbie Shigehara, Interim
6 Director of Univ. of Hawai’i Center, West Hawai’i Marty Fletcher
7 Dean of Liberal Arts & Public Services Chris Manaseri
8 Dean of Career & Technical Education Joyce Hamasaki
Council Chair Grace Funai
Representatives & Constituencies
9 Career and Technical Education, representing: Nursing & Allied Health, Business Education & Technology, Hospitality, Applied Technical Education (Transportation & Applied Technology, Construction Technology and Construction Academy), and Secretarial Support  Kathy Kotecki
10 Liberal Arts & Public Services, representing: Social Science, English, Math & Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Secretarial Support Dept. Chairs on Rotation Schedule:  Violet Murakami, Caroline Naguwa, Trina Nahm-Mijo and James Schumaker
11 Academic Support, representing: Learning Center, Library, Academic Computing, Institutional Research, and Secretarial Support VACANT
12 Student Services, representing: Counseling and Student Life, Enrollment Services, and Secretarial Support Mari Giel
13 Administrative Affairs, representing: Business Office, Human Resources, Planning/Operations & Maintenance, and Secretarial Support Jeff Newsome
14 Continuing Education & Training, representing: Apprenticeship Program, Non-credit Programs, and Secretarial Support Tiana Hirota
15 University of Hawai’i Center, West Hawai’i, representing: Student Services, Administrative Services, Operations and Maintenance, Academic Support, and Secretarial Support  Toni Cravens
16 Academic Senate Chair, representing all BOR-appointed faculty Joel Peralto
17 ASUH-HawCC President, representing currently-enrolled HawCC students VACANT
18 Ho’olulu Council Chair, representing HawCC group that is part of UH System’s Puko’a Council Noe Noe Wong-Wilson
19 Kauhale Taupouri Tangaro
20 Assessment Coordinator, representing Assessment

Reshela DuPuis

(Roster effective 8-25-15)