Membership Roster 2015-16

Position Name
1 Chancellor Joni Onishi (Interim)
2 Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Joyce Hamasaki (Interim)
3 Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jason Cifra
4 Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs Jim Yoshida
5 Director of the Office of Continuing Education & Training Debbie Shigehara (Interim)
6 Director of Univ. of Hawai’i Center, West Hawai’i Marty Fletcher
7 Dean of Liberal Arts & Public Services Caroline Naguwa (Interim)
8 Dean of Career & Technical Education Beth Sanders (Interim)
Council Chair Grace Funai
Representatives & Constituencies
9 Career and Technical Education, representing: Nursing & Allied Health, Business Education & Technology, Hospitality, Applied Technical Education (Transportation & Applied Technology, Construction Technology and Construction Academy), and Secretarial Support  Kathy Kotecki
10 Liberal Arts & Public Services, representing: Social Science, English, Math & Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Secretarial Support Dept. Chairs on Rotation Schedule:  Violet Murakami, Caroline Naguwa, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Pamela Scheffler and Marilyn Bader
11 Academic Support, representing: Learning Center, Library, Academic Computing, Institutional Research, and Secretarial Support Vacant
12 Student Services, representing: Counseling and Student Life, Enrollment Services, and Secretarial Support Mari Giel
13 Administrative Affairs, representing: Business Office, Human Resources, Planning/Operations & Maintenance, and Secretarial Support Jeff Newsome
14 Continuing Education & Training, representing: Apprenticeship Program, Non-credit Programs, and Secretarial Support Marsha Okajima
15 University of Hawai’i Center, West Hawai’i, representing: Student Services, Administrative Services, Operations and Maintenance, Academic Support, and Secretarial Support  Pearla Haalilio
16 Academic Senate Chair, representing all BOR-appointed faculty Claudia Wilcox-Boucher
17 ASUH-HawCC President, representing currently-enrolled HawCC students VACANT
18 Ho’olulu Council Chair, representing HawCC group that is part of UH System’s Puko’a Council Monica Burnett
19 Kauhale Taupouri Tangaro
20 Assessment Coordinator, representing Assessment

Reshela DuPuis

(Roster effective 4-8-16)