WH NLRC visit

On November 9th, Chancellor Noreen and Council Chair Monica toured the WH NLRC with Nursing Instructor Hazel Reece.

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In West Hawaii for Council Meeting

Chancellor Yamane and Chair Monica Burnett will be West Hawaii for the November 9th Council meeting.

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Thank you to Helen Nishimoto and Tony Kent for volunteering to serve on the Beverage Rights Contract working group.

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Committees on Committees

Assignments have been made for Committees.  Members will be informed by the Administration in charge of their Committees.

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Strategic Outcomes

The Council is reviewing and updating the Strategic Plan: 2008-2015.  This is a collective effort for continuous evaluation and documentation of the strategic outcomes and performance measures.

Council Members are asking their constituencies to reflect back to academic year 2011-2012 and document any additional efforts done to fulfill the actions strategies.

Click here to see more about the Council’s work on the Strategic Plan.

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E ‘Imi Pono Outcomes

Attendees worked on an assessment activity – creating a haiku or acrostic poem. Everyone was a winner who shared their poem, but honorable mention when to Aunty Sandi’s table for the saimin noodle mustaches worn while the poem was read.

-Sandi Claveria, Instructor – Human Services

Here is an example of a wonderfully creative haiku:

Working together
Creating waves of success
Assessed with outcomes
-Melissa Yamanaka, Outreach Specialist

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Committee Service 2012-2013

The Committee on Committees is asking for your participation on committee service for academic year 2012-2013.  Please select your choices and return it to the VCAA office, Attn: Lori Medeiros via campus mail or e-mail to lmedeiro@hawaii.edu.

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VP Morton’s Fall Campus Visit

Vice President John Morton’s Fall Campus Visit is scheduled for Wednesday, September 19, 2012 from 2:00-4:00pm in the Manono Cafeteria and videoconference to WH Campus in B4/R1.  VP Morton is planning to share information and updates with our campus about the various UHCC initiatives, State and national initiatives, as well as respond to questions.

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Mission/Vision/ILO Poster

“Mission/Vision/ILO Poster”

New Mission/Vision/ILO posters (12″x18″) have been distributed to all faculty and staff.  Please check with your department or division secretary if you have not received yours.

Larger Mission/Vision/ILO posters (18″x24″) will be displayed in all classrooms, conference rooms and waiting areas.

Mahalo to Assistant Professor Meidor Hu for creating the beautiful poster; Megan Saito and the department/division secretaries for helping to distribute the posters; and Greg Barber from POM for installation of the posters in the classrooms and other spaces.


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E ‘Imi Pono Day

E ‘Imi Pono Day is on September 21st from 12:00-1:30pm in Hilo and West Hawaii.  The focus will be on aligning the ILO’s and best practices in assessment.  There will be tools and software available to help with course assessment, comprehensive review, data, free food, and prizes.

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