Recent Projects

Marine resources

Assisting marine resources managers translate their technical knowledge into action requires social science. For this reason, the Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative provides research, facilitation, and training support in the following areas:

Ocean recreation

HCRI supports the safe use of short term moorings, which can reduce user conflicts in nearshore areas across the State of Hawaii. These moorings provide specific attachment points for boaters as an alternative to anchoring on reefs or the ocean bottom. HCRI also provides research and evaluation services for existing regulations for the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation. Similarly, HCRI provides engineering analysis and property assessment research related to ocean recreation.


Effective enforcement requires quality community interaction and communication. HCRI works with the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Division of Conservation and Recreation Enforcement to provide workshops and education materials to officers and community volunteers. These materials increase the effectiveness of the state’s conservation enforcement and empowers citizens to learn more about the rules governing the state’s marine resources. Community members also have the opportunity to volunteer and take greater responsibility for their role in stewarding the environment.


HCRI has a very active history of providing marine education support to teachers and their students. This education support comes in the form of Reef Pulse Hawaii. This K-2 curriculum introduces students to science that is fun and relevant to their lives. A part-time education coordinator trains teachers in the curriculum and provides logistical support for science-related in class speakers, field trips and also creates connections with community partners.

Natural hazard mitigation