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If you are looking for the online survey, please click  the following link and scroll down until you see the USC web link: http://blog.hawaii.edu/hfsc/follow-up-studies/  – 6/1/16 -Please note that the data collection phase of this study has ended, and the survey link has been closed.


Do you remember the Hawaiʻi Family Study of Cognition? questionm

Do you remember participating in the Hawaiʻi Family Study of Cognition (HFSC)? The HFSC was originally conducted between 1972 and 1976. It included families from four different ethnic groups: Caucasians, Japanese, Chinese, and Native Hawaiians. The study included two generations; the parent generation at the time of testing were between 30 – 60 years old, and the children generation were in their late teens or older. Participants in the HFSC were measured on cognition and personality scales.

There was short term retesting (also known as Session B) that took place in 1975. Session B participants volunteered to retest on the same scales from the original study as well as a few additional scales. Longer term retesting occurred between 1987 and 1988. This follow-up study was conducted with a subset of the children from the original study. The same scales administered in the original HFSC were used in this follow-up study as well as some additional tests such as personality measures.

In 2010, a revival of the longitudinal HFSC project was initiated. Longitudinal data (data collected on the same individuals over time) is extremely useful but also very rare, especially among the Asian/Pacific Islander population, so this kind of research is very beneficial. Several pilot studies were conducted for the HFSC revival, including re-contacting and retesting some of the HFSC participants. The primary purpose of the re-contact study was to establish comunication with original HFSC participants to see who would be interested in participating in a follow up study.  The retest pilot study was done to examine the feasibility of delivering surveys and cognitive tests over the internet. Another study involved interviewing parents and children about current parent cognitive functioning and health related quality of life.  These revival studies were developed to examine  if by using prior early information from the HFSC combined with information on current health and cognitive function, we could better understand and predict stability or changes in cognition and health that occur in later life.

We are engaged in several other pilot studies at the moment. Please click here to learn about the current, ongoing research.

A Tribute to Ronald C. Johnson

Professor Ron Johnson leaves a legacy in the Hawaiʻi Family Study of Cognition

The Hawaiʻi Family Study of Cognition was one of the most significant and important studies for its time and even today. This important body of work was largely due to the efforts and leadership of Dr. Ronald C. Johnson (b. 7/18/27, d. 8/30/04), then Director of the Behavioral Biology Laboratory and Chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Although Ron Johnson has passed on, the continued impact of this historic study remains an important legacy today as a major scientific contribution to the field.

His colleagues will continue to miss him, but hope to keep alive his spirit of aloha and dedication to science and understanding of human nature.