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7 ways CTE can help

7 Ways the Center for Teaching Excellence Can Help

SnapseedIf you are just beginning to consider teaching online, or already offering distance education and/or hybrid courses, the Center for Teaching Excellence offers a variety of services designed to support your needs. Below is an overview of this site, and our services.

1. How to teach online

This provides an introduction, metaphor for teaching online, and specific components of an online course.

Begin with a consultation

This page describes the four types of consultations, their sequence and cycle, and how they are scaffolded to support faculty at each stage of the process of online instruction.

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7 ways CTE can help

You’re here! This page briefly outlines CTE services.

2. Instructional Design

This page provides an overview of the types of design services CTE offers.


The Center for Teaching Excellence uses the Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework for identifying interrelated competencies for teaching with technology. An overview of where CTE services fit within the TPACK model is located here.

Syllabus suggestions

This page provides sample syllabus recommendations for addressing policies related to technology and academic standards with students.

3. Professional Development

The Flipped Classroom

This page provides a brief overview of the Flipped Classroom methodology. The Center for Teaching Excellence offers a workshop on this method during the Fall and Spring semesters

Community Building & Online Rapport

This page provides some suggested resources and activities for alleviating the disorienting online environment and creating a sense of community as well as developing a mutually respectful online rapport with students.

iteach@manoa BLOG!

This blog was created to serve as a localized resource for UH Mānoa faculty interested in teaching online and with technology. Ideally, by combining and sharing our efforts, the space would save time as colleagues contribute lessons learned, relevant resources, and everything from pragmatic advice to theoretical consideration. This blog was designed specifically to function as an online community of practice for UH Mānoa faculty and instructors.

4. Tech Training


i>Clicker is one type of audience response system available to faculty. Information, links to software is located here.


Apple reps come to campus and provide training. In addition, CTE offers instructional applications of iPads using the Airplay in Webster 101. Workshop announcements are sent to faculty email and posted on the campus calendar.

Smart Panel

SmartPanels are located in select classrooms throughout campus. SmartPanel workshops will tale place once per semester in Webster 101

5. Innovative Classrooms

Webster 101

Information for teaching in Webster 101 is located here.

Sakamaki (TBA)

The newest innovative space is expected to be completed Fall 2013. Updated information will be posted as available.

6. Evaluation

This page provides an overview of the types of formative and summative evaluation services for faculty.


This page provides an overview of end of the semester evaluations, and how CTE can help.

Online Observations & Evaluations

CTE faculty will observe your online class, then provide feedback at the consultation. Similar to the paper/pencil evaluation, students enrolled in the class will be emailed a survey. This information is then compiled for a consultation with CTE Staff.

7. Recognition

This page provides a brief overview of the interrelationship between mid-semester evaluation services and eCAFE Course and Faculty Evaluation System.

Online Awards

This page describes the criteria and calendar cycle for being nominated for and receiving an online teaching award.

Video Portfolio

This page describes how CTE can assist faculty with documenting and showcasing their online course.

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