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When considering the relationship between mid-semester evaluation services (formative) and the end of semester eCAFE (summative), it is important to distinguish between formative and summative evaluations.

Formative processes provide information on how a procedure or performance can be improved. Summative processes result in a conclusive judgement (Buller, 2012).

Mid-semester evaluations provide opportunities for formative dialogue between faculty and students about how a course is going before students complete the end of the semester summative evaluations. This allows faculty and students the opportunity to communicate about the course, revisit and/or clarify course objectives. According to Buller (2012) one of the most problematic issues in faculty evaluation occurs when a summative assessment is presented as a formative.  CTE mid-semester services can assist with distinguishing key differences between formative and summative evaluations, as well as the differences between program evaluation, course feedback and instructional feedback.

The graph below illustrates the relationship between CTE mid-semester services and the end of semester eCAFE electronic course and faculty evaluation system. Faculty also have the option of traditional paper/pencil end of semester evaluations using a scantron located in the Center for Instructional Support.


Buller, J. L. (2012). Best Practices in Faculty Evaluation: A Practical Guide for Academic Leaders (1st ed.). Jossey-Bass.

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