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ConsultsFaculty registering for individual consultations receive support from their colleagues in the form of a collaborative community of practice. When faculty register for the individual consultations, they will receive scaffolded support in publishing their content as well as follow-up support in developing their online teaching practice. There are four phases to the consultation process. Ideally, all four phases would occur over the course of one semester. These consultations can take place face-to-face in our offices, or online.

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I – Organizing your content (60 minutes)

During this consultation CTE faculty experienced in teaching online and hybrid courses will assist you in organizing your content for an online platform, as well as thinking through assessments and activities that maximize student engagement in an online environment. This consultation will emphasize your already established content and teaching style, and seek ways to enhance that in an environment mediated by technology. The Center for Teaching Excellence will providea template to help you to organize your content for publishing online. Then we will then assist you in selecting a medium for publishing your content that fits within your time constraints and comfort level with technology.

II – Publishing your content (60 minutes)

After you have organized your content we will assist you in selecting the medium for publishing to Laulima, GoogleSites (we have a template), and/or basic WordPress themes. We will also assist you in selecting and organizing the assessment, discussion, assignment submission and communication tools you prefer to use with students.

III – Teaching online (60 minutes)

After you have organized your content and published it in a way that fits your content, teaching style, time commitment, and technology level we will assist you in identifying strategies and methods for developing an online rapport with your students. We are able to assist you with exploring synchronous platforms as well ways of building an engaging online community in asynchronous ways.

IV – Follow-up support and/or showcasing your work.

Once registered faculty have completed all three phases of consultations with the CTE, and are teaching online we will provide follow up pedagogical support via our mid-semester online course observations and evaluations. Faculty are welcomed to schedule additional individual consultations on topics of their choosing as needed. CTE staff can also assist faculty in creating a short video showcasing their online course. Examples are located here.

Faculty completing all four phases will receive a Center for Teaching Excellence badge they may display on their course.

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  1. I am an emeritus professor in American Studies. In addition to teaching at UH, I have taught in Tanzania (secondary education 2 years); Tunisia (Fulbright- Faculté des Lettres; Ivory Coast (Fulbright-National University); Germany (Fulbright-Goethe University); and Study Abroad (Paris France-2003, 2005, 2009, 2013). Is your program open to teachers who have retired?

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