How to Teach Online MOOC from Leeward offered to all UH faculty

How To Teach Online” is a massive, open, online course (MOOC) that takes a broad view of teaching online. This five-week MOOC is for instructors of all experiences who teach online. Whether you are new to online teaching or want to improve your craft of teaching, “How To Teach Online” is a great place to share, connect, and learn from others around the world.

This is an open-access MOOC – no fees are required to join and participate. For this MOOC to be successful, we emphasize and are dependent upon, participant contributions and discussions as a means of exploring how to teach online. Your contributions are what makes the MOOC a success.


Week 0: Get prepared! (Sept. 2-8)
Week 1: Start with the fundamentals. (Sept. 9-15)
Week 2: Connect with your learners. (Sept. 16-22)
Week 3: Connect learners with each other. (Sept. 23-29)
Week 4: Create a natural critical learning environment. (Sept. 30-Oct.6)
Week 5: Create activities and assessments. (Oct. 7-13)

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