Maoli Thursday – scholarship for further exploration

Maoli Thursday is Ka Huli Ao’s popular lunchtime forum and speaker series. It features engaging speakers on issues impacting Native Hawaiians, other Indigenous Peoples, and the community at large. 

To foster ongoing exploration, dialogue, and engagement, we will post in this space articles and essays related to Maoli Thursday topics and/or written by our Maoli Thursday panelists.

February 2021 – Land, Race, and Restorative Justice:  100 Years of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act 

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November 2020 – Restorative Justice for Native Peoples: Stories from the Pacific and the U.S. Continent:

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October 2020 – The Collective Memory of Injustice: History, Law, and Native Hawaiian Rights’ Claims:

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September 2020 – Race, Rights, and Resistance: A Law School Conversation:

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