Welina Kauhale iā kākou a pau (A Village welcome to all)

TangaroHale Kuku is our traditional house for producing kapa, bark cloth used for clothing and bedding. An arduous production that includes impeccable grooming of botanical crops for prime base-material, this process also includes harvesting, scraping, soaking, felting numerous times, watermarking, and often times encoded with a message via color an geometric designs. Because of ʻIli Kapu (Skin Prohibition) that recognized every individual as unique embodiment of energy and potential, kapa was always made specific to the user – never a general stock with standard sizes to select from. All clothing and bedding were produced to activate the energies of the wearer toward profound balance.

How is our College a Hale Kuku? Our base-matter of curricula and services are continuously evolving and groomed to meet the needs of the recipient – our community members. Although our curricula and services meet national College standards, they have been also been felted and encoded with the elements necessary to bring our community into a profound and sustainable balance.

Tangarō, Acting Kauhale Director
Hale Kuku images

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