Attaining High Skills at Hawai‘i Community College

By Pacific News Bytes – Summer 2010

Pacific Center For Advanced Technology Training (PCATT)
Great things are happening at the Electronics Technology Program at Hawai‘i Community College. Students are learning design concepts and principles of hydrogen fuel cell systems, enhanced by state-of-the-art labs to test various hydrogen fuel cell systems. Through this hands-on training, they develop practical skills to install, test, and maintain this alternative fuel source that is cleaner than most energy sources, quieter, and pollution free. With the rising cost of oil and inceasingly environmental conscious community, this is a viable eco-friendly alternative method of energy production.

Through funding from the Center for Adaptive Optics (CfAO) located at the University of California Santa Cruz, an Adaptive Optics test bench was built for the Program in 2006. It has become an integral part of the newly revised curriculum providing valuable training for students, graduates, observatory technicians, and others interested in learning this cutting edge technology. These skills are especially critical with the selection of Mauna Kea as the preferred site for the world’s largest telescope.

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