Violet Murakami, Assistant Professor/Art/Humanities

Name: Violet Murakami                                                                       Violet Murakami

Title/Department: Assistant Professor/Art/Humanities

My Hometown: I’d like to put it this way: born in Tokyo, raised in Honolulu, moved to Big Island in 2004.  Presently living in Mt. View

My favorite things about Hawaii CC…  the friendly people, the community feeling, small community means you get to know people better.

My hobbies and interest are… yoga, tai chi, meditation, reading, making art (when I can) films, traveling and taking Road Trips.

If you come to visit my office you would see… not much; it’s basically just a corner of a classroom that’s been boarded/divided up with walls.  But it looks like it could be a good movie set for a sci fi or film noir movie esp. if you add some effects like from a fog machine.  . .   hmmmmm  . . . . . .

I like the Big Island because… I’ve always wanted to live here – my dad’s from Olaa and you have several climate zones in one location – the tropical jungle, the snow during the winter atop both mountains, the beaches, the mild, temperate climate zones with the rolling, pastoral hills, the desert, etc., the people, the laid-back quality of the place. . . .

In my free time I like to… what free time?   What little I have I try to work on my art projects and spend time with my family.

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