Trina Nahm-Mijo – Professor of Dance, Psychology and Women’s Studies

Name:  Trina Nahm-Mijo         Trina

Title/Department: Professor of Psychology, Women’s Studies, Dance/ Dept. Chair, Social Science & Public Service Dept.

My Hometown:  Ola’a

My favorite things about HawCC…How we make something out of nothing, devotion to students, dancing with the Kukuenas, being able to wear rubba slippah . . .

My hobbies and interest are…Dance of any kind, creating new programs, film

If you came to visit my office you would see…A lot of art featuring women, a long quote by the Dalai Lama, a Chinese opera puppet, books to capture the imagination, and my favorite photographs , , ,

I like the Big Island because…There is raw nature here and creative energy to draw from.

In my free time I like to…What free time? Plan my next travels, dream up the next crazy show!

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