Jodi Leslie – Nutrition Lecturer, Culinary Arts, West Hawaii

Name: Jodi Leslie, DrPH, RD  Jodi Leslie

Title/Department: Nutrition Lecturer, Culinary Arts Department, HCC-West Hawaii

My Hometown: Captain Cook, Hawaii

My favorite things about HawCC…Teaching students who genuinely desire and love to learn.

My hobbies and interest are…Community service activities that helps bring others to learn, develop, and practice principles of good health.

If you came to visit my office you would see…I don’t have an office….yet 🙂

I like the Big Island because…It’s the best place to live!  It’s beautiful, my family is here, many people here still practice and live in the true spirit of aloha, and fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant!

In my free time I like to…Spend time with family and close friends.

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