POM Reminders

Handicapped ParkingHandicap Parking:  Please respect the handicap stalls.  Stalls are for valid/approved handicap individuals.  The handicap tag must be displayed at all times.  If you are parked in a handicap stall AND you do no have a handicap tag prominently displayed, Hawaii Police Department will cite you.  These handicap tags are not transferable.  Also, you may be asked to show your handicap pocket card.  If you cannot provide the pocket card, your vehicle will be reported to Hawaii Police Department.

 No BlockingBLOCKING SAFETY DEVICES:  It is against safety regulations to block any safety devices.  This includes but is not limited to fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull boxes, circuit breaker panels, etc.

Electricity ConsumptionElectricity Consumption!! Please turn off PC’s, monitors, and printers when you leave for the day.  PC’s, monitors, and printers in the sleep mode still consumes electricity. Our biggest expense continues to be our electricity bill.  Keep doors and windows closed when the AC is on.  Keep your thermostat at 74 degrees.  Turn off lights when you leave the room. HELCO has applied to the PUC for a rate increase. So whatever we save will help us stay within our budget.

No SmokingNO SMOKING:  Smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of building entrances and open windows.

Cigarette Butts: Janitors and Grounds keepers continue to spend a lot of time picking up cigarette butts to ensure that our campus does not resemble an ash tray.  This is a waste of our campus resources.  Please put your cigarette butts in designated smoking receptacles.

No PetsPETS ON CAMPUS:  Pets are not allowed on campus!  Only certified/valid guide/aide pets are allowed on campus.  Your co-operation will be appreciated.   

No FlyersFLYERS ON WALLS:  Putting/taping any type of flyers on building walls is not permitted.  The removal of the flyers pulls the paint off and makes the walls unsightly.  This also creates un-necessary additional work for the Maintenance crew and consumes much needed material.

 No SkateboardingSKATEBOARDING, ROLLERBLADING & BICYCLES:  Skateboarding and rollerblading are not allowed on campus!  Do not ride your bicycles on the walkways and sidewalks.

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