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The University of Hawai’i Board of Regents unanimously approved the University of Hawai`i at Hilo’s new strategic plan for 2011-2015 at its meeting recently held at Kaua’i Community College. The plan places students at the center of the University’s mission, vision and goals, setting a clear framework for enhancing learning and preparing students to succeed in a globally competitive workforce.

“The whole point of strategic planning is to work with the plan you’ve developed and make sure it has an impact,” said UH Hilo Chancellor Don Straney. A Strategic Planning Committee appointed by Straney engaged in a highly collaborative and consultative strategic planning process, seeking feedback from students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members at key stages.

“This strategic plan was developed for UH Hilo by UH Hilo and its incredibly supportive local community,” said Professor Kelly Burke, committee chair. “We received over 1,400 responses during the entire process and on behalf of the committee I want to thank everyone who took time to contribute to development of the plan.”

The strategic plan defines six main areas of focus for the coming years: student learning experiences and support; excellence in teaching, research and collaboration; a vibrant and sustainable environment within which to study, work and live; a diverse, multicultural university; impact on the community, island and state; and organizational excellence. Through these goals UH Hilo aims to positively impact its students, faculty, staff and broader community.

“This plan sets an exciting and challenging framework,” said Barry Mark, community representative on the committee. “It is a plan that the community fully supports and looks forward to working together with the University to put it into action.”

The University is currently undertaking implementation planning to ensure it is put into action. Straney and his senior administrators are leading implementation efforts in a similar collaborative way to how the plan was developed.

“It is our aim that through our strategic plan we will strengthen our existing foundations to build our future – one which we all helped to shape,” said Straney.

For more information about UH Hilo’s strategic plan and planning process, visit http://hilo.hawaii.edu/strategicplan.

UH Hilo’s 2011-2015 Strategic Plan document is available for download at http://hilo.hawaii.edu/strategic plan.




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