Hawaii State Simulation Collaborative Workshop

In February, 2012, three instructors from the Division of Nursing and Allied Health attended a workshop at the University of Hawaii Translational Health Science Simulation Center http://thssc.nursing.hawaii.edu/. This three day workshop, presented by the Hawaii State Simulation Collaborative, concentrated on methodologies that incorporate simulation into nursing education and other healthcare disciplines. Simulation is used to support clinical decision making activities by presenting learners with a scenario that is as realistic as possible and which presents a concept or problem that needs to be worked through in a safe and non-threatening environment. Attendees at the conference went through the process of creating simulations and debriefing them, and they went home with plenty of ideas and tools to pick from and utilize in their programs.

Nursing Conference

Erick Cremer, Hazel Reece (UHCWH) and Tambra Fry

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