Kipaepae for Dr. Fred Soriano

On February 22, 2012, HawCC held a Kipaepae ceremony for the retirement of Dr. Fred Soriano.

Dr. Fred Soriano








Dr. Fred Soriano








Dr. Fred Soriano








Dr. Fred Soriano









Dr. Fred Soriano

Dr. Fred Soriano was born on September 14, 1944 and raised in Pahala, Ka’u Hawaii. In 1969, he graduated from Ka’u High School and received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, from the University of Hawaii. In 1971, he also received his Master of Arts in Social Work at University of Hawai’i. In 1978, Dr. Soriano later received his Doctor of Philosophy at the Florence Heller Graduate School for Advanced Studies in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, Massachusetts.

Dr. Soriano served his country in military service from 1962-1965 with Field Service Training in Texas. He also served as a Psychiatric Social Work Technician at Womack Army Hospital in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

He has over thirty years of outstanding community work in the fields of higher education and social services in the State of Hawaii, which primarily focuses on the social issues on the Big Island.  He has worked at Hilo Intermediate School, Queen Liliuokulani Children’s Center, Kona Services to the Elderly, and Hawaii County Aging programs.

Dr. Soriano has been involved in teaching higher education in the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Hilo and the Hawaii Community College since 1972.  In 1977, Dr. Soriano was appointed Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Hawai’i, Hilo. He was Assistant Professor of Sociology from 1978 – 1985.

Dr. Soriano continued to serve and inspire Hawaii’s students as a Lecturer at the Hawaii Community College since 1989 – 1991 and then continuously from 1994 to 2011. He taught his signature course;  Sociology 290 – Hawaii’s People.

He has written and contributed towards volumes of research work, studying social issues of Hawaii with major works such as, “Filipino Hawaiian Migration and Adaption: New Paradigms for Analysis (1982),”  “Encroachment and Resistances: Shifting Patterns of Immigration (1982),” “The Closing of Puna Sugar: A Preliminary Report (1983),” and “Delabeling and Patterns of Mainstreaming: Exceptional Children in Regular Classes (1984).”

In the Business arena, Dr. Soriano has been the Vice President and manager of Soriano Farms Inc., a coffee and macadamia operation in Honomalino, Hawaii.  He has been an instrumental leader in the coffee industry, serving as a developer and consultant to mainland and Hawaii coffee investors.

Dr. Soriano is an avid artist and is a well known and published Zen stone carver.  His passion of stone carving evolved from his love of the history of Hawaii and from his many years of  teaching.  He has created sculptures with Hawaiian themes and figures.  He was featured in the book, “Fred Soriano, Kalai Ki’I Pohaku, Carver of Stone (2011).” Dr. Soriano also creates Japanese lanterns, water basins and Hawaiian sculptured figures.

Dr. Soriano is married to his wife, Bella and has two daughters, Bianca and Natasha.




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