Steven Clements – Assistant Coordinator, IEP

Name: Steven Clements  Steven Clements

Title/Department: Assistant Coordinator, Intensive English Program, HawCC Study Abroad Coordinator

My Hometown: San Diego, California

My favorite things about HawCC… Kauhale—being a part of a “village” for education. Everywhere I go on campus I see friendly faces. And we know that when we need support, we can rely on each other.

My hobbies and interests are… travel! I got to visit Vietnam in the fall of 2010 on a recruiting trip for the IEP. Having grown up during the Vietnam War, it was an incredible experience to visit Hanoi and have the opportunity to invite Vietnamese students to come here to Hawaii. I hope to visit Kyoto, Japan next year. And maybe China, too…

If you came to visit my office you would see… HawCC International students: some are student workers. Some study in the IEP or in credit classes and they’re coming to our office for support. There are lots of issues that international students need to deal with, for example: housing, visa issues, culture shock, getting a driver’s license and preparing applications to Hawaii Community College, to name a few!

I like the Big Island because… it so much to offer (except for freeways and crowds, which I don’t miss at all!) culturally, and in the natural environment. Where else in the world is there any place like this?

In my free time I like to… take my dog hiking, go swimming and snorkeling, and work in my garden. These days I’m also busy with my MEd program at UH Hilo.

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