Barbara Kuehner – Lectuerer, Math and Natural Sciences (WH)

Barbara Kuehner

Zoology field trip to Manini Beach

Name: Barbara Kuehner

Title/Department: Lecturer, Math and Natural Sciences (Biology)

My Hometown: I am an Oregon “transplant” but have lived in Captain Cook for 10 years.

My favorite things about HawCC… The students really seem to appreciate the chance to have access to classes close to their communities. I appreciate the opportunity to teach biology on Hawaii island, which is a living laboratory with incredible diversity.

My hobbies and interest are… Travel, swimming and visiting family on the mainland

If you came to visit my office you would see… A space with two desks that is shared with 8-10 lecturers – nothing very personal.

I like the Big Island because… There are so many interesting and amazing people here. Even though it’s an island, it’s BIG. Many people I know live here because they have chosen to live here, and they show so much creativity in their lives.

In my free time I like to… Swim to the King’s Buoy with friends; invent recipes for some of the interesting types of fruit that grow in our yard. I think my husband has planted about 54 kinds!

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