End of the Year Breakfast Meeting

The HawCC End of the Year Breakfast Meeting was held on Thursday, May 3, 2012, at the Manono Campus Cafeteria. The Culinary Arts Program prepared a delicious breakfast.


State Service Awards:

10-year certificates:

Leanda “Mamo” Bernabe, Office Assistant, ATE Division

April Kualii-Neal, Office Assistant, Financial Aid Office

 30-year certificate:

Noreen Yamane, Chancellor

 Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service

This year’s recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service is William Affonso, Auxiliary & Facilities Services Officer, Planning, Operations & Maintenance.

Bill Affonso

William Affonso

The purpose of the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service is to recognize individual employees who have provided outstanding service to Hawai`i Community College.  The nominees may be faculty, support staff or administrators of Hawai`i Community College. Individuals selected are those who have significantly advanced the College’s development and have gone above and beyond in offering time and talent to the College.

The nominator writes that William “is extremely reliable, dependable, an excellent member of the college community, and provides service above and beyond which is mostly unnoticeable to many in the college community.  William’s dedication, commitment, and unselfish willingness to help extend far beyond normal expectations deserve acknowledgement and recognition.  He pays close attention to details of our renovation projects on campus, assists with the coordination in setting up for the various events and activities, oversees the maintenance of our buildings and grounds, and keeps us abreast of safety issues.

Outstanding Staff Member

This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Staff Member Award is Greg Barber, Building Maintenance Worker, Planning Operations & Maintenance.

Breakfast Awards

Greg Barber

We give recognition to a UHCC civil service or APT employee for outstanding demonstrated work performance, service, leadership and/or the fostering of excellence in higher education. Any full-time civil service or APT employee who has been employed continuously for not less than twelve (12) consecutive months in a community college.

Since joining the college in 2009, Greg has brought a positive attitude and has shown/demonstrated positive leadership characteristics.  His high capacity for work coupled with his CAN DO attitude is infectious and is something for all to emulate.  Greg’s problem solving abilities are excellent and his perseverance and dedication to do things right the first time is second to none.  He is often requested by name from faculty, staff and even students to work on their work orders or projects.  His contributions to the college have saved the College/University time and over $200,000 in the last three years. Greg has made the campus a much better place for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Outstanding Lecturer

This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Lecturer Award is Jowett Chew-Marumoto, Early Childhood Education.

Jowett Chew Marumoto

Jowett Chew-Marumoto

The College annually recognizes one lecturer or casual instructor for outstanding teaching.  Eligible nominees must be teaching during the current year in any of the College’s credit or non-credit programs, and must have been employed by the College for the equivalent of two prior semesters (not necessarily consecutive).

This year’s recipient, Jowett , is described as being very supportive and intuitive with students.  She provides the students with clear expectations and directions in the courses she teaches.  She uses the course student learning outcomes to direct the students’ activities.  Jowett relates to the students directly how the concepts developed in the class activities and assignments contribute to reaching student learning outcomes.  She engages the students in many opportunities to reflect, write, and practice skills important for early childhood.

Frances Davis Award

This year’s recipient of the Frances Davis Award is Christopher Jacobsen, Instructor, Agriculture.

Chris Jacobsen

Chris Jacobsen

The Frances Davis Award, financed largely by faculty contributions, is a memorial to the late Frances Davis who taught mathematics at Leeward Community College and UH Manoa for 19 years.  Frances Davis was an inspired teacher dedicated to sharing her knowledge of mathematics with undergraduates attending the University of Hawai‘i.  The award recognizes recipients for their dedication to teaching, for their demonstrated excellence as teachers, and for their attention to undergraduate students.

In addition to the $1,000 cash award, to enhance efforts to represent excellence in teaching, the UH Manoa Frances Davis Award Committee, together with the University of Hawai‘i Foundation, have agreed to sponsor Christopher’s attendance at the Annual Hawai‘i National Great Teachers Seminar held at the Kilauea Military Camp in August.

HawCC is entitled to select a recipient once every three years.  Past HawCC recipients were Dr. Taupouri Tangaro, Mai Wong and Gordon Lee.

Chancellor’s ‘A‘ali‘i Award

The ‘A‘ali‘i Award for 2011-12 is awarded to Kate Sims for her leadership as the Accreditation Liaison Officer and to Joel Tanabe for moving HawCC toward a sustainable future.

Joel Tanabe

Joel Tanabe, not pictured: Kate Sims

The ‘A‘ali‘i Award was established in 2004 by former Interim Chancellor Shirley Daniel.  It is given to an employee who serves the college in an exemplary fashion, with grace and effectiveness despite many challenges and obstacles.

Past awardees were Noreen Yamane, Steve Schulte, Gail Inouye, Gene Harada, Ellen Okuma, Jill Savage, Douglas Dykstra, Joni Onishi, Mike Saito and Jim Yoshida.  The spirit of the award is expressed in the phrase “He ‘a‘ali‘i ku makani au, ‘a‘ohe makani nana e kula‘i.  (I am a wind resisting ‘a‘ali‘i; no gale can push me over—I can hold my own even in the face of difficulties.)


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