Mahalo to the Faculty Policy Committee (FPC) 2011-2012

From Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers –Faculty Policy Committee Chair

During Fall 2011 the Faculty policy Committee was tasked with revising the Policies regarding Student Evaluation utilizing eCAFE for two groups: Lecturers and Tenure track faculty. Their recommendations were approved by the Academic Senate in January 2012. In addition, the  Policy regarding the parameters for Peer Evaluations was also discussed. A separate Policy was created for the lecturers which is different from tenure track faculty. After several weeks of dialog through email and holding an in person meeting, a consensus was reached by the committee. The new Peer Evaluation Policy was approved by the Academic Senate in January 2012 as well.

Although several other policies were discussed by the Hawaii Community College administration, the committee did not receive any additional policies to discuss during the spring 2012 semester. I know there will be several very important policies coming through early in the Fall semester.

Mahalo to Gordon Ching (BEAT), Robyn Gartner (ENG), Paul Heerlein (HOST), Sandy Claveria (SSci), Renee de la Cruz (ATE), Raynette “Kalei” Haleamau (CONS),  Hazel Reese (NURS) and our newest member Samuel Giordanengo (HUM) for their active participation and dedication to Hawaii Community College. I look forward to working with the committee again during Fall 2012.

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