Barbara Zazzi: Chemistry Lecturer/Physical Science (WH)

Barbara Zazzi

Title/Department: Chemistry Lecturer/Physical Science

My Hometown: I was born and lived in Berlin, Germany until the age of 25 and then emigrated to the US, finally making my journey to Hawaii and settling down in Naalehu on the Big Island.

My favorite things about HawCC… The students, the other instructors, and the incredible family atmosphere.  I was a student for many moons and taught for many more, but HawCC is the friendliest place to be a student or instructor at.

My hobbies and interest are… Cooking, baking, making cosmetics (my kitchen becomes my own personal laboratory at home), playing golf, playing and listening to music, programming.  I am always looking for some fun software/application that will make chemistry more interesting.  Plus in my younger years, I was an avid body-builder and long distance cycler.  Now, that I have reached dinosaur age, my body no longer thinks those activities are appropriate, but one of my three sons is still body-building and cycling – so, my interests did rub off on my kids.

If you came to visit my office you would see…a terrible mess consisting of books, notes, and 4 to 5 computers all running at once.

I like the Big Island because…the people are nice and the climate is even nicer – no snow J.  I love the ocean and even though I am not within walking distance, the view of it soothes me.  I must have been a fish in a previous life because I need to have water close to me to feel at home.

In my free time I like to…help my husband write books and work on website programming and any other kind of programming – writing computer applications is like a game to me, and when I get something to run properly, I feel like I solved a great, big puzzle.



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