Alan Hale: Media Design & Production Specialist (WH)

Name: Alan Hale   Alan Hale

Title/Department: Media Design and Production Specialist, WHCC Media Center

My Hometown: Las Cruces, New Mexico

My favorite things about HawCC…  I’ve only been on-board for a short time so I’m new to the environment. My first impression is that the students are generally relaxed and friendly and that certainly makes it a nice place to work.

My hobbies and interest are… Music!!! “The life I live is making music with my friends.” I play ‘ukulele and sing at least three times a week and often more. My friends and I volunteer at the Life Care Center in Keauhou where we play and sing for our friends. This is the most rewarding thing I do. They are a great audience. A friend and I sang Italian songs for the Culinary Arts luncheon this week. The theme was Southern Italy.

If you came to visit my office you would see… Lots of electronic equipment!

I like the Big Island because… There is something “magical” about the Big Island. It’s difficult to put into words but if you live here too, you probably already know what I mean. Beyond that I enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and the people. I’ve made so many good friends here that this is definitely home now.

In my free time I like to… I love to share my music both in playing and teaching others to play. Photography and videography are also a lot of fun. After making two trips to Italy in the last two years I’ve made so many friends there that I’m studying the language. Ciao!

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