Donala Kawa’auhau: Marketing Instructor

Donala Kawa’auhau

Name: Donala Kahealani Kawa’auhau (Ms Donala)

Title/Department: Marketing Instructor / Program Coordinator BEAT Department

My Hometown: Keaau Hawaii

My favorite things about HawCC… The environment is definitely my favorite thing about Hawaii Community College. No matter what the position whether it be faculty, staff, administration, or students the people at Hawaii Community College share the same love of learning, the same desire to help; to grow and improve; to go above and beyond and change lives, and the same passion for adding value to anything and everything that they touch.  It is an amazing place with so much dedication, genuine desire for overall quality of life improvement, and honest concern for the well being of others.  The College’s ability to see issues and concerns at the macro level and address those issues and concerns at the micro level while never losing site that we are dealing with individuals and not numbers, is truly amazing. The environment is infectious, inspirational, and should be modeled by other institutions. I am humbled and blessed to be a part of it.

 My hobbies and interest are… I love my family. Anything and everything that I can do with my sister Nani or my mommy becomes a hobby and anytime my brothers or my dad get involved the laughing makes my belly hurt. I also love television (really I think I may have a problem, I mean I really love television.  Ask me anything, I dare you), music (I write and hope to produce someday), movies, writing, reading, and most of all learning and figuring out solutions to problems (I get that from my mom). My pets are my little living smiles and any time that I can spend with them is also treasured.

If you came to visit my office you would see… The cast of the Big Bang Theory (in cardboard form of course), a full length mirror, a full sized decal of Jacob from Twilight, and decorations from the haunted house that my marketing students planned and hosted last Fall.

I like the Big Island because… Its home. It owns my heart and feeds my soul.

In my free time I like to… Eat, sleep, watch television, sleep, play with Professor Kitty McMiu (my kitty), sleep, read and listen to music, sleep, drive my friends and family crazy, sleep, develop business ideas, sleep, draw, write, and SLEEP.

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