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Aloha Kauhale Kākou,

Indeed a signature activity of Kauhale is all the Kīpaepae* we facilitate year round, averaging 50 per year for our community and state, doing so as far as Washington, D.C. and Jeju, Korea. This cultural signature is so integral to our college that there is an official Kīpaepae Hawaiʻi Protocols Committee under Chancellor Yamane’s office whose primary focus is to insure the facilitation of Kīpaepae, including kīpaepae logistication, protocols training and facilitation island-wide.

Although the facilitations of kīpaepae includes innumerable members of our HawCC-UHH-Coomunity sector, there are greater than 25 Kīpaepae committee members from HawCC, UHH and our community.

At our first committee meeting I asked, “Why are you here in this committee?” This is what some say:

  • “Because I want to know what’s going behind actual kīpaepae.” – Ayako Onishi, Learner, HawCC
  • “…being part of a network of people who are committed to providing a solid place-based foundation for tertiary education here in Hilo.” – Dr. Takabayashi, Professor, UHH
  • “I am here because I love Ceremony! Protocols do just that-when we have meaningful markers along the way of our life’s journey, life becomes more meaningful.” – Schantell Taylor, Learner, HawCC
  • “We get a sense of belonging.” – Naveen Siriah, Student Services, HawCC
  • “To gain more experience and to be a part of something that reaches beyond our institutions.” – Ākeamakamae Kiyuna, Lecture, UHH
  • “To learn more, to be involved and ‘be a difference.” –Jackie Sales-Iyo, Office of University Relations, UHH
  • “I am here because kīpaepae reminds us that we are connected even though we may not be conscious of it.” – Noʻel K. Tagab-Cruz (Education Specialist, HawCC)
  • “I believe in community contribution.”- Holo Hoʻopai, Project Coordinator, UHH
  • “I want to be part of a journey that is able to transform our institutions.” – Gail Mākuakāne-Lundin, Interim Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs, UHH

This committee is ACTIVE all year round, willing to adjust schedules to facilitate kīpaepae. Both Chancellors Yamane and Don Straney (UHH), myself included, your committee chairperson, salute every one of you for all that you do!

  • Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō
  • Kauhale Acting Director, Kīpaepae Hawaiʻi Protocols Committee Chairperson

*Kīpaepae Hawaiʻi Protocols Committee was founded by Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō, 2004 and is sits within the organizational domain of Kauhale, with direct report to Chancellor Yamane.

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