Services for Students with Disabilities: Access Now

Hawaiʻi Community College: A Community of Learning and Engagement for Everyone

Hawaiʻi Community College is committed to providing a safe environment conducive to learning. Every student is expected to be familiar with and abide by the Hawaiʻi Community College Student Conduct Code. The Student Conduct Code states:  “impermissible behavior…includes that which directly or indirectly interferes with or disrupts the process of teaching, learning, research, and administration.”  Refer to the college catalog for more information.

Hawaiʻi Community College is committed to provide equal access to the campus, course information and activities for students who have disabilities.

If you have a documented disability and / or related access need, please contact Karen Käne, Counselor for the Haʻawi Kokua Program 934-2725,   The office is located on the Manono Campus – Building 388, Room 106.

If you are a student who needs to have an accommodation, please discuss your needs with the disabilities office and make your request in a timely manner.

Hawaiʻi Community College also has generalist counselors available if you have any issues which may have a negative impact on your ability to successfully complete this course, and other courses you are taking.

Call 934-2720 if you have a need to see a generalist counselor.

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