Student Services: Spring 2012 Workshops for Students

Work Shop Descriptions and Facilitators

 Academic Advising/STAR Workshops (Various Counselors and Academic Advisors) The workshops will provide the information and training needed to choose classes and register for fall semester 2012.  Additionally, an overview of STAR as a tool for tracking progress towards graduation will be given.

Career Exploration Workshops (Helen Nishimoto) Got Career? Did you know that when you are doing the work that you love, it hardly feels like you are working.  If you haven’t found that career yet that makes you feel this way, sign up for a Career Exploration Workshop.

Job Search Workshops (Helen Nishimoto) Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Are you looking for a job while you are in college, or are you getting ready to graduate and looking for a career job?  Job Search workshops provide information about where and how to search for jobs using traditional and nontraditional search strategies.

Leadership Training (Larissa Leslie) Learn about leadership skills and opportunities at Hawai`i CC.

Stress Management (Bob Duley) The workshop will help participants identify daily and life event stress factors and then offer strategies for increasing stress tolerance and managing stress.

Test Anxiety (Bob Duley) The workshop will explore techniques for reducing test anxiety and offer tactics for taking multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay type tests.

Transfer Workshop  (Bob Duley) Planning to transfer to a different college?  This workshop will provide information to help you with that process.

Resume Workshops (Helen Nishimoto) Got Resume? Did you know that you should tailor your resume for each job that you are applying for? The Career and Job Placement Center is offering Resume Writing workshops throughout the semester

Using STAR? Are you on track to graduate?  Deciding whether to change majors?  Need a copy of your unofficial transcripts?  Learn how to navigate through STAR and get answers to your burning questions.

*NOTE:  If Hawai`i CC Instructional Faculty would like to include any of the workshops into their curriculum, facilitators are willing to verify student attendance and participation.

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