Welina mai to Spring 2012 Hawai’i Community College!

Aloha mai kakou and welina mai to Spring 2012!

What is Kukui News?

It is Your Guide to a More Successful Semester.

It is your personal resource to access answers to hopefully most, if not all of your questions that may come up during the course of this semester.

The purpose and goal of the Kukui News is to help navigate you towards your own success as a student. When you succeed, we succeed and vice versa. With that being said, use any or all of the information as much as you would like to help you in your journey as a student at Hawai’i Community College.

As you go through the Kukui News, be sure to check out the special resource, “Your Guide to a More Successful Semester” listed below.  Use it’s information as well as the rest of the information in this newsletter as often as you’d like or need. If this resource has helped you in any way, please share with a peer who may need it just as much or more so than you.

Hereʻs to a prosperous and productive year.


The Information Center, Office of Student Services

Your Tools For A Successful Semester:

 Knowing Important Deadline Dates http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/catalog/docs/academic_calendar.pdf

✓ Check Your Email, Hawaiʻi CC Website and Posted Information on Campus Regularly 



✓ Knowing General Policies http://www.hawaii.hawaii.edu/catalog/docs/08-general_policies.pdf

✓ Accessing Your Personal Advisor: Star https://www.star.hawaii.edu:10012/studentinterface/login.jsp

✓ Visiting with Your Program Advisor http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/counseling/advising-sheets/

✓ Attend Class  http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/catalog/docs/06-academic_and_other_policies.pdf

✓ Ask for Help! http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/current-students/

✓ Create Study Groups

✓ Take Advantage of Your Student Support Services

✓ Student ID CARD Replacements/Validation http://hilo.hawaii.edu/campuscenter/idstation.php

✓Access Students with Disabilities  http://www.hawaii.hawaii.edu/disability-services/

✓Support for International Students


Services for Students /Automatic Admissions http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/catalog/docs/07-counseling_and_support_services.pdf

✓Use Your Academic Support Services:

✓Know Where You Need Help & Access Your Tutors http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/halekea/

✓Use Smarthinking Online http://www.hawaii.hawaii.edu/smarthinking/



✓Know Where Computers/Printers Are Available http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/halekea/


✓Paepae Ohua: Native Hawaiian Student Success Center

✓West Hawaiʻi Learning Center http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/ucwh/library.html

✓ Developing Good Time Management Tips http://manoa.hawaii.edu/learning/PDFhandouts/TimeManagement/SIX%20STEPS%20FOR%20DEVELOPING.pdf 

✓ Knowing Your Student Responsibilities http://www.hawaii.edu/offices/app/aa/systemwide_committees/counselors/HawCC_Academic_AdvisingSyllabi.pdf

References for Your Guide to a More Successful Semester: 

Strategies for College Success Brochure


Student Services and Institutional Support:

http://www.hawaii.hawaii.edu/counseling/docs/ student_services_brochurespr11.pdf

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