A Unique 1-Credit Course Opportunity this Spring

A special one-credit course organized around He Hali’a Aloha No Jon: Memories of Aloha for Jon, a symposium tribute to Professor Jon M. Van Dyke, co-taught by ProfessorsSherry Broder and Richard Wallsgrove.  Students enrolled in this course will attend the symposium Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2013 attend two (2) class meetings on Feb. 8 and 15, and meet once with the professors to discuss individual paper topics.  Students will be graded based on their attendance and participation at the symposium, and the preparation of a 10-12 page paper due Feb. 22, analyzing one of the topics discussed by the conference panels.

Contact Professor Sherry Broder at sherrybroder@sherrybroder.com for more information.

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