Board Positions

University of Hawaiʻi Law Review Board Positions


The Editors-in-Chief are responsible for directing, coordinating, and managing the entire law review board and all respective positions.  They are also ultimately responsible for publication of the two issues for each year’s volume, in addition to overseeing symposiums or any other events that may be held that year.

Executive Editor:

The Executive Editor is responsible for all communications between the Law Review and prospective authors, as well as serving as a member of the Publishing Committee (“PComm”).

Managing Editors:

The Managing Editors are tasked with managing financial, administrative, and secretarial duties on behalf of the Law Review.  This includes responsibility for tracking attendance and timesheets, taking minutes for meetings, making sure the Law Review room is properly maintained, maintaining the Law Review website, managing finances, and coordinating most aspects of the Law Review banquet and any symposiums.

Outside Articles Editors:

The Outside Articles Editors are responsible for reviewing outside articles for potential publication.  OAEs then present these articles to PComm as quickly as possible for voting.  Most work performed over summer.

Comments Editors:

The Comments Editors are responsible for all aspects of the Comments Competition and selection of Comments Competition winners to serve as staff writers for their 3L year.

Technical Editors:

Technical Editors are responsible for the technical accuracy and proper BlueBooking of published Law Review pieces.  The Technical Editors ensure that the articles follow BlueBook rules and that the factual assertions in the article are adequately supported by citations.  Technical Editors also organize all tech edit sessions.

Casenote Editors:

The Casenote Editors guide 2L writers through the Casenote writing process.  Casenote Editors are also responsible for organizing the write-on competition.


The University of Hawaiʻi Law Review is a student-run organization that publishes Hawaiʻi’s leading journal of legal scholarship.  The Law Review produces two issues annually, published in the spring and fall.  Each issue contains content that is on the cutting edge of legal scholarship, and addresses topics of great importance and interest to our legal community.  Articles are authored by student members of the Law Review, and outside contributors from the legal community such as law professors, practitioners, and jurists.