DPLA releases 100 Primary Source Sets for Education

Explore the collection by core subject areas, such as US history, literature, arts, and science and technology, as well as themes like migration and labor history and groups including African Americans and women. This project was developed for use by students and teachers in grades 6-12 and higher education. Each set includes an overview, ten to fifteen primary sources, links to additional resources, and a teaching guide.



Place-based Writing Across the Disciplines

“Curating Transdisciplinary Research on Place-based Writing: An Interactive Introduction to 680 Open Access Video Clips of Teachers and Students”
Thursday, March 31, 3 p.m. in Kuykendall Hall 410, University of Hawaii at Manoa
A weekly colloquium series by the English Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Place-based Writing Across the Disciplines is a digital collection on ScholarSpace, UH Manoa’s digital repository. Hosted by the UH Manoa Library, this freely accessible collection resulted from place-based writing research across 16 academic disciplines on the UH Manoa campus.

In this colloquium, the presenters will introduce … Read More

Distributed Anonymous Computation of Social Distance

sspaceicon Are we all really connected by six degrees of separation? Kevin Bacon may think so, but find out for yourself in this interesting paper on computing social distance among participants in a social network, when the social network is stored in a distributed fashion, with no central point of coordination. https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/39968

Mutsun-English English-Mutsun Dictionary

Mutsun English Dictionary Mutsun is a Costanoan language from the Central Coast of California, centering around the modern-day towns of San Juan Bautista, Hollister, and Gilroy. In 1930, Mrs. Ascension Solarsano, the last fluent speaker of the Mutsun language, passed away. However, because of her work with linguists, as well as other earlier native speakers, there survives a written corpus of Mutsun. Take a look at this dictionary, which is the result of studying and analyzing that documentation. https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/24679