Breaking the Silence: Lessons of Democracy and Social Justice from the World War II Honouliuli Internment and POW Camp in Hawai ‘i

UH System repository logoRead chapters contributed by UH West Oahu faculty to the 2014 UH Press publication about the Honouliuli Internment and POW Camp, including: Psychic Wounds from the Past, Reviving the LotusKa Ia Hamau Leo, From Priestesses and Disciples to Witches and Traitors.  Available in the UH System repository

The Hoot – student newspaper of University of Hawai’i – West O’ahu

The Hoot frontpage 2012 The Hoot student-run newspaper was first published in February 2012 by the University of Hawai’i – West O’ahu when it was located at its old Pearl City campus. It is produced and distributed by the University of Hawai’i – West O’ahu student body. Read all the issues in the University of Hawai’i Institutional Repository []

Fish Symbolism and Fish Remains in Ancient South Asia

UH System repository logoIf you are a member of the UH community – login to the System Repository to read this chapter by UH West Oahu Professor of Anthropology William R. Belcher recently published in the book Walking with the Unicorn.  It explores food, as an aspect of ‘material culture’ that contains “embedded information”. The author states that:  “Through the examination of the ethnographic and historic symbolism of specific foods, we can gain a greater understanding of the role of food in a larger cultural context.”

College Accreditation reports

UH System repository logoEver wondered what is evaluated to certify a college as accredited? Kapiolani Community College has made over a decades worth of self-study reports available online in the UH Repository (  Honolulu Community College has published their 2018 study ( and Leeward Community College has published their 2012 study (