About Scholarspace, eVols and Digital Image Collections

The mission of the Digital Collections and Repository Program (D-CARP) is to “build distinctive and unique Hawaiian, Pacific, and Asian collections that benefit the University, the people of Hawai‘i, the region, and the world”.

ScholarSpace is an open-access, digital institutional repository for the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) community for storing, indexing, preserving and redistributing the UHM’s scholarly research in digital format. ScholarSpace provides a permanent freely-accessible web location for UHM scholarly research resources including articles and pre-prints, theses, dissertations, technical reports, and other text, as well as audio files and presentation materials.

eVols is an open-access, digital repository for the University of Hawaii community and researchers around the world. eVols provides a permanent freely-accessible web location for material which the Library or the University digitizes as part of grant projects or digital library program initiatives.

Scholarspace and eVols use an open-source software, called DSpace, which was developed by MIT and Hewlett Packard.  Both sites are maintained by the UHM Library, under the coordination of Desktop Network Services.

The Library hosts many Digital Image Collections using an open-source platform originally developed by the Humanities Computing Studio of the University of Alberta.  Streetprint was designed to give researchers and collectors easy-to-use tools to create digital archives and share them on the web.  The software provides a consistent interface for input, editing, searching and displaying content while permitting a wide variety of presentation styles and level of description of items in each collection.  Collections created using Streetprint are harvested by OAIster in addition to being crawled by web search engines such as Google.

The UHM Library has been using Streetprint since 2005 and under the coordination of Desktop Network Services continues to update and enhance the program code.