Viet Nam Chez Lui

eVols logoA 1946 French language publication recently scanned and added to eVols. One of Paul Mus’ scarcer publications on the politics of Vietnam and its’ relationship with France. Paul Mus (1902 – 1969) was a French author and scholar. His studies focused on Vietnam and other Southeast Asian cultures.

Special digital collection – Executive Order 9066

UCLA Film and Television Archive in association with Japanese American National Museum A ground breaking hypertext CD: “the complete story in words, pictures, and film of this critically important, yet often ignored, episode in modern American history.” Permission to convert the content of the original 1998 CD-ROM published by Grolier to a web-accessible format was granted to the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library by the Senior Counsel for Intellectual Property, University of California, Office of the President. Content may be used only for noncommercial purposes, attribution must indicate copyright ownership by The Regents of the University of California.

The XXth Century, Shanghai, 1941-1945

Cover page of the XXth Century An index to this remarkable publication, edited by Dr. Klaus Mehnert a professor of Russian History at the University of Hawaii from 1937 to 1941, was prepared by Eric Bott as a seminar project for University of Hawaii Professor John J. Stephan. The XXth Century offers a glimpse into wartime China. Full-text searchable PDFs of all the articles are available from the library eVols Russia / Northeast Asia  digital collection []

eVols communities – something for everyone

eVols logoThere’s an eclectic and fascinating mix of research materials in the 38 communities in eVols. Most communities include two or more collections or subcollections. There is something for everyone.  (

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The Annexation Of Hawaii: A Collection Of Documents

The library received grants in 2001-02 to digitize materials relating to the Annexation of Hawaii: the Blount Report (Affairs in Hawaii),  Hawaii Organic Act (Congressional debates … concerning the Hawaiian Islands), Anti-Annexation Petition (K u’e: the Hui Aloha ‘Aina anti-annexation petitions, 1897-1898) and various Anti-Annexation Protest Documents. Primary sources for Hawaiian historical research freely available online.

Fleming Honolua Ranch Journals 1905-1911

Historical treasures abound in the eVols repository, including the Fleming journals: two handwritten journals prepared by Alexander and Baldwin, and later updated by D.T. Fleming, Manager of Honolua Ranch, for the purpose of identifying the owners of all land parcels in Ka’anapali Moku of Maui. Original copies of this material was deposited with the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.

Russians in Hawaii album

Also known as the “Russian Passport Album” – it is one of the rarest and unique items in the Russian Northeast Asia Collection. The digitized pages are presented as thumbnails accompanied by an image of the text transcribed in Russian and an abbreviated English translation. A JPEG version of each image page is provided as a larger, “zoomable” view. The annotations are a rough translation by Amir Khisamutdinov, and provide some ability to search the image collection in English by names and geographic locations.