Training Program

Each year, a minimum of 12 student participants are competitively selected from University graduate students and health care practitioners in the field. Students participate in our year-long leadership education program as an Academic Trainee or post-degree Community Trainee.

  • Academic Trainees: advance standing, matriculated graduate students in the health disciplines
  • Community Trainees: post-graduate health professionals in health disciplines who engage in an individualized program of training

All trainees attend seminar sessions and engage in individual professional development under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Our program focuses on skill development in leadership, advanced clinical settings, research, and interdisciplinary team building. As one component of the program, students and faculty participate in a weekly 3-hour seminar that uses family partnerships to teach students about: a) clinical diagnoses b) state and community service systems c) family and cultural issues d) health care policies e) interdisciplinary team skills and f) research-program evaluation. Additional components include clinical practica, research/program evaluation, and community-based activities.

Upon acceptance into the MCH LEND Program, all trainees are required to complete an Individualized Learning Plan with a faculty coach. The learning plan typically includes the following components: core knowledge, research/program evaluation, and advanced clinical skills.

The program components are typically offered in a modular format. The format is broken up into four main content blocks: professional development, core knowledge, research, and advanced clinical skills. Each content block has specific program components as shown in the list below:

  1. Professional Development
    • Toolkit for leadership
    • Individual learning plan
    • Integration
  2. Core Knowledge
    • Service systems
    • Support systems
    • Public policy and advocacy
  3. Research
    • Research and program evaluation
  4. Advanced Clinical Skills
    • Advanced clinical skills practicum