Roller derby not your average sport

By Kristen McDaniel

With team names like Mischievils and Villans, and a roster including Mean Eggs and Spam, you probably don’t think of women on roller skates.

But the Pacific Roller Derby league is bringing roller derby back to the mainstream in Hawaii.

Roller Derby is a series of races between two teams made up of five players. Each race is called a jam and lasts for two minutes.

One player is the jammer and the other four are blockers. Jammers are the only members of each team who are able to score. The blockers on each team try to prevent the jammer from the opposing team from scoring points.

Points are scored when the jammer passes the rest of the pack, with one point awarded for each opposing team member passed.

In 2008, the Pacific Roller Derby league brought roller derby back to the islands. The league is all-female and is done for the love of the sport.

The group is nonprofit operated by derby girls, for derby girls. There are teams here on O`ahu, and also on Maui, Kauai and soon the Big Island.

A combined team of girls from Oahu and Maui form the all-star team, and compete against other teams from across the country

Roller derby sometimes gets a reputation for being aggressive and physical, but the rules don’t allow fighting, punching, etc.

Penalties are given for breaking rules and the penalized player sits in a box, like hockey games.

Jessica “Shaka Rocka Han”, captain of Mischievils and has been skating for about a year.

“It’s not like the WWF kind of thing that everybody thinks it is,” she said. “It’s like athleticism and we do get dressed up.”

The roller derby season is in full swing and women interested in joining are encouraged to contact the league.

Practices are held across Oahu throughout the week, with a special new-girl boot camp at Barber’s Point on Thursdays.