Brightening lives and healing souls

By Dae Shik Kim

Oct. 10, 2011 — Artis Family Band is a multi-genre band that plays every day Hawaiʻi’s North Shore.  The family consists of 11 children, each doing their part to keep the music and art running daily.  They open their doors at 10 a.m., as tourists and residents of Hawaii enter their living room, where the studio and stage is set up.

Admission is free and donations are welcomed.  CD’s are also for sale, each one showing a different style of music they play.  All of their music is inspired by God and improved on the spot.

Ron Artis II: Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar, Piano
PraiseJesus: Piano, Vocal
Victor: Bass
Stephan: Drums
ThunderStorm: Percussion, Hermonica, Vocal
Artis: Dancer
American: Dancer
Spirit: Sound Engineer
Martis: Usher, Promoter
Stephanie: Artist
Kailua: Artist