September 5th, 2017

Tenure and Promotion

The Tenure and Promotion process (procedures and criteria) for Mānoa faculty is governed by four documents:

Generally, new faculty are hired as “probationary” (non-tenured) faculty. The standard length of the probationary period is 5 years. This means that faculty apply for tenure as they begin their 5th year of employment in the tenure-line position. During the probationary period, faculty are reviewed for contract renewal by their department personnel committee (DPC), department chair, and College Dean during the 2nd and 4th years of service (a 3rd year review is optional). At each of these points of contract renewal, the faculty member’s contract is either renewed or not renewed.  If the contract is not renewed, the faculty member’s employment is terminated at the end of the academic year.

The probationary period may be shortened as a condition-of-hire and/or later with the approval of the Dean. The probationary period may also be lengthened up to a total of 7 years with the approval of the Dean.  If the faculty member is an assistant professor, the faculty member must apply for promotion to associate professor as part of the same application. Tenure is not granted unless the faculty  member also meets the criteria for promotion to associate professor.

Activity 4 (due by 09/27/17): Meet with DPC Chair

Arrange a short meeting with your Department Personnel Committee (DPC) chair.  Some departments elect a new DPC chair each year when the committee first meets for the year. If that’s the case in your department, ask your department chair for the name of a faculty member who has served as DPC chair for several years.  In your meeting with the DPC chair, ask for the following:

  1. a copy of the departmental procedures and criteria for promotion and tenure;
  2. an opportunity to see one or more copies of a successful dossier belonging to a member of your department (The DPC chair will probably recommend one or more faculty members who have recently been promoted . You will need to ask each faculty member directly to see his/her dossier);
  3. a discussion of his/her experiences and recommendations regarding the tenure and promotion experience in your department and at UH Manoa.

Activity 5 (due by 09/27/17): Discuss questions arising from meeting with DPC Chair

Using the Discussion Forum on the Laulima site for the New Faculty Orientation, construct one post that discusses new/ongoing questions that you have resulting from your meeting with the DPC chair.  Respond to one or two posts of your colleagues on this topic.



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