March 6th, 2012

Key Tenure & Promotion Criteria Associated with Research

(from T & P Guidelines, and from “Appendix A”)

The following criteria are associated with your scholarly activities and should be addressed in your Tenure and Promotion application:

  • Productive and valuable member of unit
  • Positive pattern of continuing professional growth
  • Present and long-term need
  • Level of scholarly achievement appropriate to the rank at which tenure is sought in comparison with peers active in the same discipline (community of scholars active at major research universities)
  • Well on the way to becoming an established scholar in his or her discipline

Publication in a form that involves review by independent referees is of first importance.”

Note that research/scholarship includes more than your refereed publications!  It includes:

Other refereed scholarship:

  • Refereed conference presentations
  • Refereed conference proceedings
  • Grant awards (extramural and intramural)

Other scholarly works:

  • Books
  • Book chapters
  • Invited journal publications
  • Other non-refereed publications
  • Non-refereed conference presentations
  • Non-refereed conference proceedings
  • Other outlets of scholarship (digital media, video, audio/podcasts, etc.)
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