March 1st, 2012

Key Tenure & Promotion Criteria Associated with Teaching

(from T & P Guidelines, and from “Appendix A”)

The following criteria are associated with your teaching and should be addressed in your Tenure and Promotion application:

  • Productive and valuable member of unit
  • Positive pattern of continuing professional growth
  • Present and long-term need
  • High level of competence
  • Proficiency in teaching
  • Increasing professional accomplishment
  • Mature level of performance; Increasing professional maturity
  • Versatility to contribute to all levels of the department’s instructional program

Note that teaching includes more than your classes!  It also includes:

  • field supervision
  • program, curriculum, and course development (and revision)
  • advising (esp. theses and dissertations)
  • supervision of independent study students
  • student mentoring
  • other activities related to student professional development
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