August 2nd, 2017

Teaching Resources


Laulima is the University of Hawaii’s online course management system.
Laulima Resources for Faculty
Laulima Resources for Students
Laulima FAQs from ITS
Distance Learning Resources for Students from ITS
TALENT – UH Manoa’s Teaching and Learning with Technology Professional Development workshop series


My UH is the online portal for course related business such as entering grades, checking class lists, and entering course registration overrides.
Tutorials for faculty on using MyUH


MyUH Grade Entry Tutorial
Credits and Grades for Undergraduates (University Catalog)
Grade Submission Procedures (PDF)
Grading Policies (Office of Graduate Education)
Request to Assign Proxy for Entry of Grades (PDF)

Course Evaluation

Course & Faculty Evaluation
Center for Teaching Excellence’s Teaching and Course Evaluation services,
including peer observation, video analysis, or paper and pencil assessments

Working with Students

A Climate of Respect:  A Handbook for Teaching at the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Student Conduct Code
A guide for expected student behavior at UHM.  Violations of this code include matters of alleged academic dishonesty, such as cheating and plagiarism.

Course Materials

Syllabus Templates (Attachments sidebar)
The COE has several syllabus templates that are very helpful.  Your contact information, objectives, schedule (including assignments and assessments), and grading policies need to be clearly stated.  See the examples for other information that should be included on syllabi.

Course Readers
The Curriculum Research and Development Group has a printing office that can prepare course readers for your classes.


The library has instructions for getting an account and circulation policies. The library also has a page devoted to EDUCATION.  This is a useful place to direct your students.  Social Sciences Librarian David Brier will provide a valuable orientation to UHM’s library resources for educators for your students.  This is also helpful for new faculty finding out what’s available.  Please note that there are several libraries, including Sinclair (across the street from the COE) that’s most useful for electronic resources and media and Hamilton (across campus on East/West Road) that is considered the “graduate library” and has hard copies of journals and books.

Print and Electronic Reserves  The Wong AV Center in Sinclair Library will scan your hard copy documents to PDF format and host online for student access, or keep hard copies on reserve.  Sinclair Library can assist in making streaming video available to your distance education courses.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning (UH System)
Instructional Support from Technology & Distance Programs

Professional Development

ITS Training & Workshops
Center for Instructional Support
Center for Teaching Excellence

Student Support

Office of Student Affairs
The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) encompasses non-academic student support services: co-curricular activities, housing, counseling and career guidance, employment, and health, which serve all students. OSA also administers programs that provide support services to minority students, especially Hawaiians and Filipinos, students with disabilities,and senior citizens.
Office of Judicial Affairs
The Office of Judicial Affairs works with students and faculty when there are academic and dispositional concerns, such as plagarism, student conduct issues, and academic grievances.
Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program
A  of the Health resource Center aimed at reducing the incidence and consequences of alochol/other drug misuse and abuse among UH Manoa students.
KOKUA, the UH Manoa Office for Students with Disabilities
KOKUA serves undergraduate, graduate and professional students with learning, physical, psychiatric and other documented disabilities to facilitate equal access to the Mānoa experience.
Counseling and Student Development Center
A university service that provides a variety of counseling and testing services for students and uses a holistic approach to promote wellness and personal success.  The services are confidential and free of charge for Manoa students.
The Student Success Center
The Student Success Center provides students with the information and skills to be academically successful in their courses.  It is a place for students to work with faculty, librarians, mentors, and tutors to meet individually defined learning needs
Testing Office
The Testing Office administers a number of national examinations throughout the year.
Kua‘ana Native Hawaiian Student Development Services
A service program for Native Hawaiian students that is organized under the Office of Student Affairs at UHM.
UH Women’s Center
The UH Women’s Center is committed to providing personal and academic support for the success of women and LGBT students at UHM.
Manoa Career Center
UH Office of Student Employment

UHM Writing Center

Kuykendall 415.
Tel. 956-7619.
Hours: by appointment during Fall & Spring Semesters (daytime) not open during Summer Sessions or Evenings.
Sign-up sheet in Kuykendall 402.
The Writing Center offers consultation related to any aspect of a writing task: Interpreting an assignment, organizing ideas, rewriting and editing. Students (and faculty/staff) should call for a half-hour appointment and bring their draft or assignment with them.

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