January 6, 2017

Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at UH Manoa

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Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at the University of Mānoa Library

The online journal, Fine Books & Collections, featured a column by Ms. Barbara Basbanes Richter on the UH Mānoa Library’s Hawaii Karate Collection.

Hawaii's Written History of Karate Preserved

Hawaii’s Written History of Karate Preserved

Hawaii karate Museum Collection Website at UH Manoa

Hawaii Karate Museum Collection at UH Mānoa

In 2008, “[t]he Okinawan Collection of UHM’s Hamilton Library received a major donation of books, magazines and multi-media resources (over 700 books and CDs/DVDs/video tapes) on karate from the Hawaii Karate Museum.”

[Source: Collection Overview, available at http://www.hawaii.edu/asiaref/okinawa/collections/karate/index.html]

Karate is a form of martial art, and even though its roots cannot be tied to Okinawa/Ryukyus with certainty, Okinawan karate has been widely popular, even outside Okinawa Prefecture.  Kodansha’s The Encyclopedia of Japan defines karate as follows:

“Karate was historically most widely practiced in China and Okinawa and thus is not considered one of the traditional Japanese martial arts; it is, however, loosely referred to as such outside of Japan.” (Accessed on January 6, 2017, HST).

In Okinawa, a new Karate Kaikan (kaikan is roughly translated as “gathering building/place) will open in March this year.

Okinawa Karate Kaikan

Okinawa Karate Kaikan

At the opening of last year’s 6th World Wide Uchinanchu Festival (October 2016), a new Guinness World Record was established when 3,973 karate-ka / 空手家(practitioners) participated in one kata / 型 (form) together.

(Source: Karate Charlesbourg Rudy Duquet on YouTube)

Would you like to start learning and practicing Okinawan karate as your New Year’s resolution?