March 1, 2017

Tatsuhiro Oshiro’s Cocktail Party was made into a film

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Tatsuhiro Ōshiro’s novel titled Cocktail party (カクテル パーティー = Kakuteru pāti) was made into a film by Director Regge Life. 

Director Regge Life writes, Cocktail party “depicts the underrepresented perspectives of the Okinawan people as it provides insight into a situation of military deployment that has lasted nearly 70 years. If we can understand the complicated human relationships that have developed in Okinawa, we may be provided with a blueprint for future relations between Americans, military and civilian, and the people who live where the United States operates permanent military bases.”

The original novel is available at the UH Mānoa Library:

  • Title: Kakuteru pātī / Ōshiro Tatsuhiro. (カクテル パーティー / 大城 立裕.)
  • Author: Ōshiro, Tatsuhiro, /  (大城 立裕,)
  • Publisher: Tōkyō : Bungei Shunjū, 1967. ( 東京 : 文藝 春秋, 1967.)

A related books on his novel is Okinawa: two postwar novellas, available at the UHM Library.

The author, Mr. Tatsuhiro Ōshiro, visited the UH campus in 2011.

The Cocktail Party, a play by Oshiro Tatsuhiro